Classroom Sessions


Lessons Offered By The Safety Centre




We offer a range of lessons to complement, reinforce and extend learning about aspects of safety.   Some of these will tie in with what the children experience at our centre but are also stand alone sessions.

The lessons are taught by qualified teachers who are based at the centre and who specialise in the subject matter.  Each lesson is differentiated according to the year group.





Internet Safety Lesson - suitable for years 2,3,4,5 and 6

This is one of our most popular sessions.  We teach the children how to keep safe online and with the older children how to recognise the risks when using the internet.  For year 6 pupils we add a section in about cyberbullying.  There is a lot of discussion, some practical actives and each year group is shown a short film.


Bullying and Cyberbullying - suitable for year 6

Bullying continues to be a current issue and cyberbullying mirrors many of these traits especially now that many children have a mobile phone.  This session uses different activities to highlight the what, why, how of both subject areas.  It also incorporates the preventative measures that can be taken and the importance of reporting such incidences.  A film is shown and there are paired and group activities.


Road Safety Lesson - suitable for years 2,3,4,5, and 6

The sessions are varied according to year group but all will be given the same messages of how to be safe near roads, when crossing them and why this is importtant.  Depending on the year group we may use discussion, role-play or a number of practical resources.  A poignant short film may be shown and other activities will be left with the class teacher.


Drug Safety Lesson - suitable for year 5 and 6

This age appropriate session highlights the distinction between illegal drugs, medicines and socially acceptable drugs including tobacco, alcohol and caffeine.  The children are involved in paired and small group activities including the opportunity to discuss and role play peer pressure and how to deal with it. 'County Lines' is also touched upon within the session.


Vandalism Lesson - suitable for year 5 and 6

This session concentrates on raising awareness of what vandalism is, the consequences of it and the cost and effect on the community.  This allows children to explore the social implication and effects on the environment.  Links are made with areas of local concern and any relevant vandalism within the school environment.  A film is shown which highlights particular areas and this leads us through the session.


Electricity Safety Lesson - suitable for year 3,4,5,and 6

We differentiate the sessions but they all cover key areas.  The lessons focus on recognising the dangers of electricity and what we can do if accidents happen.  We explore how electricity gets into our homes and what we use it for.  The children take part in individual and group activites and are shown the recovery position.


Emergency Services Lesson - suitable for year 2

In this session we teach the children about how to recognise the different emergency services by the uniforms they wear, the service they provide and the vehicles they drive.  Pupils all have the opportunity to dress in real emergency service uniforms and all learn how to make a 999 call using our special telephone system.  They play a game and choose a vehicle to colour using the knowledge they have gained.


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The Safety Centre opened in 1994 as a partnership-based community safety project involving Thames Valley Police, Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service, health authorities, local government, other statutory organisations and the private sector. The centre is not centrally funded and as such relies heavily on donations and sponsorship.